It is a period of war.  Royal Swedish forces, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the “evil” Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

During the battle, royal forces were able to steal secret plans to the Commonwealth’s ultimate construction material, PEX TUBING, a cross-linked tubing product with enough power to disrupt an entire industry.
Pursued by the Commonwealth’s sinister agents, Dr. Thomas Engel races home aboard his starship, custodian of the secret plans that can save his people and restore comfort to the galaxy…

At least that’s how I frame Uponor’s story in my mind.  In actuality, Uponor’s lineage does start about a year before the Polish-Swedish war of 1621; however, we won’t discover the wonders of PEX tubing for many centuries. 

According to the corporate lore, Uponor, under the name Wirsbo Bruks, had humble origins making swords for the King of Sweden.  It wouldn’t be until 1900 that we started producing metallic tubing systems, and it wouldn’t be for another 68 years until we started to commercialize Dr. Thomas Engel’s method to create PEX tubing. The real reason I draw similarities to the epic Star Wars saga has to do with the ‘magical’ properties of ‘The Force’ I see in our PEX tubing. 

PEX tubing is short for Polyethylene Cross-linked tubing, and the molecular cross-linking is the reason for the ‘magical’ properties.  I know I am not the only person in awe when I see a kinked tube repair itself when heat is applied, or when I watch our ProPEX fitting system create a water tight seal after cold expansion.  However, not all PEX tubing is created equal.  Depending on how PEX tubing is manufactured, there are different levels of cross-linking that affect these properties. 

Much like how higher levels of Midi-chlorians help a Jedi sense and harness ‘The Force,’ higher levels of cross-linking in PEX tubing help our users harness the forces that allow for kink repair and cold expansion fittings!  Something our competitors with lower levels of cross-linking are unable to achieve with their PEX tubing.

So on, this— the geekiest of ‘holidays,’ cut off an extra yard or two of Uponor PEX tubing, and have a lightsaber battle with a child in your life (or perhaps your most childish journeyman), as you teach them how you harness The Force as a Jedi Knight of the Uponor Order.

May the Fourth be with you!