A few years ago, my son came to me with the phrase every parent hates to hear.  It goes like this, “Dad, I want to do this, everybody else is.”  In this case what everybody else was doing was jumping off a cliff into an area lake. Faced with a decision, I analysed the facts and calculated the risk. My son was 13 years old at the time. He was an excellent swimmer. The jumping point was about 15 feet above the water and the water was known to be at least 20 feet deep. 


I had grown up near this lake and had jumped off the same cliff many, many times. My wife and I made the decision and allowed the plunge with a few simple rules. Our boat was to be anchored in the cove, he had to go feet first, and he would be required to wear a ski vest just in case. The jump was a success and was completed many more times throughout that summer.


Every day, I make presentations to interested contractors, building owners and design engineers about installing PEX tubing in their commercial buildings. I am the one saying, “Everybody is doing it.” Many see the decision fraught with risk and are apprehensive. Like the jump off the cliff, the decision-making process about PEX tubing can be made much easier by understanding the facts. The facts are that PEX tubing has been installed in hundreds of commercial buildings across North America and has a proven track record of success. It has been installed in virtually every building type including schools, office buildings, high-rise condominiums, hotels, apartments, retail stores and shopping malls.


PEX tubing has become the standard in new-home construction and is rapidly replacing other types of piping systems in commercial buildings.  The reality is, Everybody really is doing it.”