April 21st and 22nd marked the biennial Uponor Sales Convention, christened Connections 2014. Indeed a fitting title for a company in the fitting business, but this first time attendee found it to mean much more.  The Bellagio was taken over by Uponorians, our partners, and trade professionals all coming together to see, first-hand, the solutions that improve people’s way of life.

When venturing into the Expo area on the first day, I wondered whether I had taken a plane or a Delorian to Vegas as I was pretty certain I had just stepped into the future.  The displays put you right in the middle of a commercial plumbing system and allowed attendees like me to actually see how it is done.  Working in transportation, my responsibility is to ship out the puzzle so it was nice to see one put together.  Better yet, a knowledgeable Uponorian was never far away to answer any and all questions.  There was a tech lab with all of the online support and education Uponor has to offer.  Heck, there was even a phone charging station for people like me whose battery life was depleted by social media.  My point being that no detail was missed.  The Expo was an impressive display connecting people in an atmosphere of education, excitement, and positivity.

The opening speeches were peppered with phrases like world class education and thought leadership.  It was about listening to the customer, finding out what they want, and making it happen.  Being creative is good, being innovative makes you extraordinary.  People, Planet, Profit.  Connect.  Build.  Inspire.

Day two put Uponor minds on display with breakout sessions focused on educating the industry as to what sets Uponor apart.  You had evidence based savings, real world success stories, and case studies.  Many times the stories were told by people in the industry who are using Uponor in their building projects.  If you wanted to learn more about a specific facet of Uponor, then we had a session with your name on it.  Uponor’s best and brightest were on display and the only things shining brighter were all the light bulbs going on inside the attendee’s heads.  My own included.

In conclusion, I walked away from Connections 2014 enthusiastic.  I owe this to my fellow Uponorians.  I watched them face to face with contractors, suppliers, and partners building new relationships and strengthening old relationships.  This made me proud.  All of us are working together to not only improve our own lives and businesses, but to improve quality of life as a whole.  I look forward to what the future holds for us all.


@UponorLuke Bio (Luke Johnson):


I have been employed at Uponor since June of 2005 working exclusively in the Distribution Center.  The majority of my employment, and currently, has been in the Logistics department.  I am a Cancer who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners….er….wrong bio. 


I am also manager of the Uponor softball team, sit on the Event Committee, and dabble in Communications.  @UponorLuke.  Follow me on the Twitters!


Away from work, I basically do whatever my beautiful wife and handsome son command.  In fleeting moments of alone time I enjoy obsessing over baseball, cooking, fantasy sports, hunting waterfowl, and spending time with my peeps like totally LOLing. 


... and hear from a few others who attended the 2014 Uponor Connections Convention: