I’ve heard this question time and time again with installers who are inquisitive about a PEX plumbing system. They’ve heard the benefits of PEX — flexible, fewer connections, corrosion-resistant — but the big question is…how much time can I really save installing with PEX?

Believe it or not, there is a comparison video out there that shows identical side-by-side installations with PEX, copper and CPVC. You can see with your own eyes as the clock ticks by how much time each system takes to complete. When the video ends, it recaps the findings, stating the PEX system installs 49% faster than CPVC and a whopping 79% faster than copper.

So, when I get asked how much time can you really save on a PEX plumbing job, I say, “It depends”. But it will always be better than copper and CPVC. And with all the other benefits of PEX, it seems ridiculous to use anything else.