California is famous for many things. Of course, Hollywood, surfing and good looks quickly come to mind… but the state is also becoming known for its commitment to green living and building practices. Did you know that the California State University system has one of the highest numbers of green and LEED®-certified buildings in the U.S? So, when Uponor was asked to provide the radiant heating and cooling system for the 202,000-square-foot, LEED-Platinum project at San Diego State University, we proudly accepted.

Why is LEED such an important measure of energy-savings? Well, it has set the industry standard for green building practices, and has become the trusted source for ensuring that the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings are sustainable and energy efficient. Of course, Uponor’s in-slab radiant heating and cooling system helps in the goal to have the HVAC system consume 40 percent less energy than standard systems.

This is no small feat – and actually very cool. Maybe not as cool as the California surf, but since Uponor helped keeping the Golden State’s commitment to green living, we rank right up there. Don’t you think?