When I first heard of the concept of the Radiant Rollout™ Mat, it intrigued me...a network of PEX tubing that is preassembled in a factory, rolled up like carpet and then shipped to the jobsite to be rolled back out and installed for radiant heating and cooling applications.

Sounds simple, right? But does it really work?

Well, once I saw these mats in action on a jobsite and talked to the installing contractor, I was a believer. I was hearing comments like, “It limits the strain on our backs and knees,” and “We are able to install PEX tubing about five times faster.” Five times faster? Wow.

Other projects, such as NREL, stated similar installation time savings. For example, six contractors were able to install 35,000 square feet (16 to 19 mats) per day, as opposed to 4,500 square feet per day using conventional PEX radiant installation methods.

The more and more I talked to people about the mats, the more impressed I became with the efficiencies they provided. And it wasn’t just installation efficiencies. The mats also ensure consistent commissioning and start up for radiant systems, too, which can also save a lot of precious time on tight commercial schedules.

So, which projects are right for Radiant Rollout Mats? Typically large-scale, open-area commercial structures that use a single-loop, counter-flow design. Want to learn more? Check out this Radiant Rollout Mat Product Guide, which details all the capabilities and applications appropriate for using the product in a radiant heating and cooling system.