If you’re an engineer or installer, you have a lot on the line when designing and building a commercial structure. You need to make sure the structure you design and build will meet the owner's expectations, perform as designed and come in at (or under) budget.

There are many factors to take into account when designing and building a new structure…new materials to research, products to consider, what to choose, what to trust. One area you might not spend a lot of time considering when specifying or installing a commercial plumbing or hydronic piping system in a project, are the ball valves.

But, there are two very important questions you should consider when you are designing or installing a commercial PEX piping project…

1) Will the ball valves I’m specifying or installing meet my demanding expectations? (i.e., highest quality design, manufactured to exacting specifications, superior metallurgy, proven performance, full-port, stem extensions, etc.)

2) Are the ball valves compliant with all the applicable codes and listing standards?

If you’re not sure of the answer and don’t have the time to do the research, I can tell you the ProPEX® Lead-free (LF) Brass Commercial Ball Valves from Uponor meet both expectations above.

Uponor's ball valves are listed to NSF 14 (a requirement of the latest versions of the UPC, IPC and IRC) as well as NSF 359, which is also a requirement of the latest version of the UPC. In addition, the valves are also listed to NSF 61 and tested to ASTM F877, ASTM F1960 and CSA B137.5.

In fact, these are the most widely listed commercial lead-free brass ball valves in the industry that meet all the code requirements and also feature the strong, durable ProPEX expansion connection method that designers and installers have come to trust for PEX piping applications.

So, the next time you’re installing a commercial project for plumbing or hydronic piping, make sure you can answer these two very important questions with a firm and confident "Yes!" It’s your building — and your reputation — on the line.