Nature is a powerful friend and an equally powerful foe. From wildfires to hurricanes, Mother Nature keeps us in line and reminds us that we are a hearty bunch; when the storms of life pull us down, we pop back up, dust off and move forward.

I was reminded of this when I watched the news recently and an older gentleman, who had just lost his home in the raging summer California wild fires, was interviewed. “My entire life’s belongings were in that house,” he said. “But my wife and I survived and we will start over again.” That’s a contagious spirit – one that helps build hope for the future while making peace with the past. It’s admirable!

Kim Erle is another staunch survivor who lost her charming 1940s home to the havoc of Hurricane Sandy in Southampton, N.Y., in 2012. She decided to never be at the mercy of another serving of Mother Nature so she rebuilt her home using the latest and greatest in building codes, green technologies and new innovations. She turned to Uponor for the PEX plumbing and fire safety installations, ensuring high-performance systems for the most efficient combined plumbing and multipurpose fire safety system. She embodies the survivor spirit, even documenting how she decided to rebuild her home – and her life. Check out her journey on her Sunset Green Home page. You can also catch her blog on the installation of Uponor’s Fire Safety System – she captures beautifully all the right reasons to include one when building a home that will stand the test of time.