The air is getting a distinct chill, and the kiddos are back to the drudgery of routines and schedules. As I mourn the end of summer, I look around and realize that most of my friends have a new bounce in their steps. It didn’t take me long to realize what my neighborhood was buzzing about; the prospect of purple, horns and the dream of a new stadium. Yep – football is the reason Minnesotans transition so well from summer to fall, of that I’m sure!

And this year, with a new stadium on the horizon (admittedly not ready for the 2016 season), makes the usually calm Minnesotans downright giddy. The Metrodome, the old stadium, collapsed in 2010 under the weight of a particularly nasty snow storm that dropped 17 inches of snow the night before the Vikings got ready to play the New York Giants. (You may or may not remember that the game was postponed and moved to Ford Field in Detroit where the Vikings were unable to claim victory, losing 21-3 to the mighty Giants).

But that’s all in the past, and with the help of Uponor, the debacle of 2010 should never happen again. Why, you ask? With the help of ¾" PEX tubing; 70,000 feet of it to be exact. In a never-been-done-before challenge, Uponor designed a snow melt system that melts snow that has been captured in huge basins as it falls off the stadium roof; preventing snow from ever building up on the roof of the stadium again.  An article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune highlights the system and its unique design.  

So SKOL to another football season – even if it’s not played in the new stadium. Time goes fast, and as we cheer (and holler) at the Vikings alongside neighbors and friends, we can look forward to sitting in our new stadium in 2016 with hope for a winning season.