I recently built a new home. Before I started the process of building, I’d tell people that we were building our dream home. We had lofty design ideas and figured the sky was the limit on creativity. But alas, budget constraints, time limits and construction problems along the way quickly changed my dream home path to a trail of frustration and defeat. Subs stalled, installation quotes increased and I was told that some of my more creative ideas were “impossible.”

Don’t get me wrong, my house turned out lovely, but I want a second chance – a redo of sorts.

If you talk to folks who have already built one home, they often say that, due to lack of experience and realistic expectations, they too want to (and often do) build a second, even a third home.

I stumbled upon yet another reason I’d love a redo when I saw the Virtual Uponor Home showcasing behind-the-walls of a dream home. From fire sprinklers (I’m kicking myself for not including it when I built) to radiant floor heating (comfortably-heated tile floors in my cold bathroom…where, oh where, was my head when I was planning my dream home?).

And because I was more concerned about the latest colors of granite countertops and splashy tile design, I simply forgot about important green features like a reclaimed water system for greywater that can be repurposed for toilets, laundry and lawn sprinklers — smart ways to save both money and earthly resources.

I’m happy to say that we did include an Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing System, and I take solace in knowing that I made one very smart, long-term decision that had nothing to do with the shape of the latest and greatest tile. But if I ever get a redo, I will for sure wake up to toasty warm bathroom floors and the comfort of having a fire safety system that can help ward off total disaster should it come my way.