I like to be active. Whether I hike, run or play tennis, I always want to be in motion to keep my body fit and agile. Like many these days, I wear a Fitbit fitness tracker on my wrist that monitors my activity, and I obsessively keep an eye on my results at the end of each day to ensure that I meet (or exceed) 10,000 steps.

Today, while at the grocery store, I saw several seniors moving about the aisles with walkers and canes. I couldn’t help but notice that as we age our bodies don’t always cooperate and it can become increasingly difficult to move around. I try to imagine what my physical state will be when I reach 80. It’s hard to imagine growing older, isn’t it?

Of course, with the increase in the aging population, I’ve also noticed more and more “senior communities” popping up. One recently completed project in St. Paul, Minn., celebrates an active lifestyle for its residents — for as long as they are able. The Episcopal Homes community offers a fitness center, warm-water therapy pool, pub, salon, theatre and café. And when residents need extra attention, they can move to a skilled-nursing and memory-care residence.

To ensure a high-performing building, the engineers specified a PEX plumbing and hydronic piping system for the project. Using PEX plumbing provides a system that is more efficient to install and offers greater durability for a longer life in the structure.

And hydronic heating is gaining popularity in commercial projects, mainly because it is an efficient way to transport heat energy. But more importantly, it offers a higher degree of comfort along with clean and quiet operation — perfect for a senior housing community.

So as I envision getting older, I know one thing for sure — this type of community is the sort of place I can see myself living out the end of my life. It provides the comfort I will desire in addition to many opportunities for staying active. I may not aim to walk 10,000 steps a day at 80 years old, but my goal is certainly to take full advantage of the fitness center before settling into a comfy brown leather chair and enjoying a beverage at the onsite pub!