Aging apartment complexes and old, outdated buildings are common problems for commercial building owners across the country. How building owners deal with aging-building dilemmas depend on a variety of issues, but the cosmetic updates often seem to gain the biggest priority. It goes without saying that new carpeting, modern countertops and attractive cabinetry help keep units rented and tenants happy. Happy that is, until the issues behind the walls start making their appearance with aging, leaky pipes and low water pressure. Repiping buildings faced with these types of issues is an economical and smart way to keep maintenance costs in check long term while keeping tenants pleased with how the building runs and operates.

SageWater, an Alexandra, Va.-based company has become an industry leader in pipe replacement with over 30 million feet of new pipe installed in more than 80,000 occupied apartments and condos across the country. They have become quite adept at delivering a complete pipe replacement program (and include a staff of plumbers, wall finishers, tile setters, painters, etc.) to ensure a quick process with as little inconvenience to the residents as possible.

SageWater has been choosing PEX from Uponor as a preferred product in repipe installations because PEX is quick to install, comes in long coil lengths and has a tight bend radius for quicker installation time. One of the latest collaborations was a project in Lafayette, La. where an older CPVC-piped building was repiped with PEX from Uponor. Thanks to SageWater and Uponor, the 184-unit apartment building, The Arts at Broussard Crossing, has a brand new plumbing system that tenants can rely on and tap into without any worries about low water pressure or leaks. 

Repiping old and outdated buildings has become a growing business opportunity for many companies, and with PEX, the job is easier than ever. Check us out at