Technology is important to any given company, especially the advancement of it. Unfortunately the world of technology is ridden with many overwhelming conundrums. Are the costs worth the benefits? Is it sustainable? What are our competitors doing? Is there just going to be a bigger and better version in a matter of months? Should we wait for that? Will anyone know how to use this thing?

Most everyone would probably agree that keeping up with technology is necessary. Where people tend to disagree is whether it’s a necessary evil or a perfect opportunity. Where is it that you stand when it comes to making advancements in your company’s technology? How much are you investing in your employees’ success at using these technologies?

In Steve Swanson’s most recent article in Contractor Magazine, he focuses on best practices for employee training. We all know everyone learns differently, so it may be time companies practice what we all preach. Try to think back to your days in high school math (that is if you haven’t already suppressed those memories). Some people excelled with structured lectures, while others needed to practice problems hands on. And perhaps, just maybe, the best approach was a combination of the two styles. Those same ideas can be applied to the mechanical industry. It seems so simple, yet we sometimes overlook it.

So if you’re in the PEX plumbing, radiant heating/cooling or fire sprinkler industry and you’re the type that learns best through classroom or hands-on learning, check out the factory classes at Uponor Academy. You just might be surprised at what you learn.