The New American Home® (TNAH) 2016 was built to serve as a platform for the latest and greatest in technology and the home-building industry. For more than three decades, TNAH has been the North Star for many home builders and owners. Standing at 5,080 sq. ft., the home is completely customized and incorporates features such as, green and sustainable building materials, products, energy efficiency and construction methods.

The goal for this home was to include design features that would attract buyers with its sense of sophistication and comfort. At the end of the day, Element Design|Build, the firm that built and designed the home, wanted it to reflect a place where families could live—no matter what your version of a family might be. The home was designed to be a perfect balance between luxurious and people friendly.

The breathtaking aesthetics put any and all onlookers into a state of awe and wonder. The second you get a glimpse of the home you’ll be looking for ways to mimic its sleek, modern architecture and clean interior design. But as we all know, beauty is more than just what is on the outside. Behind the walls of this innovative home you’ll find state-of-the-art products and materials, including an Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing System.

The purpose of TNAH is to encourage home builders and owners to pick and choose which pioneering features they would love to see in their own homes. Many, if not all, of these features can be adopted on a much smaller scale and in a variety of different homes to tailor to the needs of each individual’s dreams and price point.

To view photos of TNAH and to learn more about the detailed building and design process, click here