A mover and shaker is defined as a “powerful person who is active and influential in some field or endeavor.” In Uponor’s case, the person is Rusty Callier, the field is manufacturing and the endeavor is sustainability.

Rusty has been zealously leading Uponor toward furthering environmental practices as the director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility for Uponor Corporation since September 2015. Prior to this role, Rusty wore many hats serving as director of Operations, plant manager and manager of Manufacturing since he started with Uponor more than a decade ago. No matter his role, he brought environmental insight and fervor to sustainable and Lean manufacturing processes, so it only seemed right for Uponor to develop the position—and for Rusty to fill it.

Sustainability is no longer an à la carte option when it comes to running a successful business. People—both employees and customers—expect there to be a message and genuine action surrounding sustainability. It truly is a corporate responsibility, a responsibility to everyone from our neighbors to people all across the globe. Rusty is the key player in ensuring Uponor remains true to our triple-bottom-line approach to business, focusing on people, planet and profit.

Because of all his success and leadership in championing for sustainable causes and actions, Rusty was recently named a Twin Cities Star Tribune Mover & Shaker because, simply put, he makes things happen.

A mover and a shaker (read: Rusty) can also be described as a:

Catalyst          Dynamo    
Go-getter        Leader           
Pathfinder       Person of influence   


Read Rusty’s spotlight in Star Tribune to learn more about what trails he is blazing at Uponor.