Going underground with your piping system? Did you know there is a flexible piping solution that is better than traditional steel or copper pipe? Ecoflex® is the flexible, durable, maintenance-free pre-insulated pipe solution for commercial and residential hydronic radiant heating, cooling and potable-water applications.

Within an Ecoflex system, the corrosion-resistant Uponor PEX piping is protected by a layered foam insulation enclosed by a corrugated HDPE jacket. And there is an array of Ecoflex products and accessories to meet your needs on virtually any jobsite. The real muscle behind these products is the variety of configurations (single or twin pipes, heat trace, etc.) to fit your application.

Best of all, these lightweight, flexible, pre-insulated PEX pipes are strong enough to tackle any application, yet install easily and quickly. The long coil lengths eliminate most buried connections, saving time and money while also limiting liability concerns.


Watch this video to learn more about the variety of configurations and applications for Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe.