In 2010, the Saskatchewan government passed a mandate for all assisted-living housing to install fire sprinkler systems. Although the mandate seemed like a daunting task for the facilities, in the end, a fire safety system provides staff and residents with a peace of mind that everyone should experience.

Southwest Homes is an assisted living facility that houses six full-time residents along with two staff members and six office employees during the day. In order to comply with the mandate, an Uponor PEX AquaSAFE™ fire sprinkler system was installed in response to the building’s unique challenges. Learn more about the project by visiting the Southwest Homes case study.

The Canadian Alliance of United Seniors vows that Alberta will follow Saskatchewan’s lead and have a fire sprinkler mandate for long-term care facilities in the next couple of years.

In the United States, the federal government and more than 400 local governments—not to mention the national model building code authority, the International Code Council (ICC)—have recommended that all new homes have fire sprinkler systems.

So why are residential fire sprinkler systems so important?

1.  Fire sprinkler systems, like AquaSAFE, respond to heat, not smoke, and act within seconds to reduce heat and flames from a fire, giving occupants valuable time to get out safely.

2.  Fire sprinklers give people peace of mind knowing they will be safer in the event of a fire—children, the elderly and even pets are especially vulnerable under these circumstances.

3.  Fire sprinklers are a sustainable solution for costs, materials and lives.

4.  In addition to saving lives, property loss is cut by about 70% compared to fires where sprinklers are not present, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

5.  An AquaSAFE multipurpose system can be seamlessly integrated into a home’s cold-water plumbing system, offering benefits to the homeowner and the homebuilder alike.