Designing a flexible pre-insulated PEX piping system for hot-water, chilled-water and potable underground piping applications requires many considerations. Here are three reasons to sign up today for the free webinar on Designing with Flexible Underground Pre-insulated PEX Piping Systems that will be hosted live on Tuesday, June 21 in partnership with ASHRAE Journal.

1.  Learn the advantages of flexible over rigid with underground piping systems

Ecoflex® is a pre-insulated, flexible system that features Uponor PEX or HDPE service pipe surrounded by multilayer PEX-foam insulation and covered by a corrugated HDPE jacket. It retains more heat in hot-water lines and resists corrosion in even the harshest weather and soil conditions. Best of all, long coil runs mean fewer to no underground joints, saving time and labor costs and reducing liability.

2.  Learn about pipe sizing and friction loss

There is a precise way to properly size PEX piping systems and determine friction loss. This webinar will take you through the proper steps for pipe sizing and determining friction loss in an underground PEX piping system.

3.  Learn about the different types of pre-insulated PEX piping systems

Learn about all the options for pre-insulated PEX piping systems to see every available application to meet the needs of your project.


Will we see you there? Join us live to learn how flexible underground pre-insulated PEX piping systems can bring greater installation efficiencies and system performance to your projects today.