​​Environmental Initiative (EI) — a nonprofit organization that builds partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota's environmental problems — recently announced their partnership of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition (MSGC). Uponor was asked to be a member of this coalition along with some of the best-known brands headquartered in the Twin Cities including 3M, Best Buy and Target.

What is it MSGC?

The MSGC is a business-driven collaboration of more than 20 leading companies and organizations working to re-imagine business as usual through the acceleration and advancement of a thriving circular economy. A circular economy works like nature does, where everything is a resource and nothing is wasted.

The group's project priorities are the following.

  1. Clean energy
  2. Converting organic waste into resources
  3. Greening grey infrastructure 

Rusty Callier, director of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Uponor, explained the coalition’s vision.

“EI is a long-standing organization that for years (before it was cool) realized the potential of a circular economy. They continue to take a leadership role in shaping this type of economy with other progressive companies operating in the world. It is a natural fit for Uponor to be a part of the EI because their concerns to balance people, planet and profit through innovation aligns very well with Uponor's desire to be restorative and regenerative through disruptive innovation. All involved with the EI at Uponor look forward to doing the hard work needed to create a circular economy that benefits our employees, our customers and our partners located across North America.”

It’s exciting to be a part of the coalition and share insights from the manufacturing industry to build a better environment and support a circular economy. Learn more about the MSGC from the EI’s press release