Although it’s July, it’s time to start preparing for how your business will be able to combat snow storms this winter season. I’m sad to say it, but Minnesota has been known to get hit with an October snowstorm (and that’s only three short months away). If you’re a seasoned hydronic radiant installer or are looking to add to your business, I have the webinar for you.

Jerry Leyte will walk you through the ins and outs of Uponor snow and ice melting systems in his webinar titled, “Designing and Constructing High-performance Commercial Snow Melt Systems” (rest assured he knows what he’s talking about—he’s from Canada, eh).

Here’s what you’ll learn from Leyte’s webinar:

1.  Why and where you should design Uponor snow and ice melting systems

There are plenty of benefits to having a snow melt system, including ease of property maintenance. Think about it: no machinery, salt or sand needed.

2.  Common applications

A PEX snow melt system can be installed in commercial and residential properties including parking ramps, helipads, sidewalks and transit platforms.

3.  Design considerations and calculations

You’ll learn about how to calculate BTUh loads, tube sizes, flow rates and more based on your typical snow fall. You’ll also learn the calculations needed to get the most out of your PEX system. Leyte will make it so easy for you a fifth grader could (probably) do it.

4.  How to manage customer expectations

Learn what your customers need to know about practicality, problem spots and the speed and reliability of the system.

Want to see Uponor snow and ice melting systems in action? Check out the following case studies.

American Swedish Institute
Snow-free Colorado Playground
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