Veterans have matchless training that translates into careers outside of the military, and employers can reap the benefits. Military personnel experience training in several different disciplines and learn hands-on skills not inherent in a classroom or cubicle.

Here’s what Erica Amevo, Human Resources manager at Uponor, had to say about her appreciation of veterans at the company.

“My nephew recently enlisted and passed training to become a Marine, so I’ve gained some recent perspective on a personal level. Seeing firsthand the changes in him (becoming more mature and focused, taking responsibility for himself and learning accountability and leadership, to name just a few) makes me appreciate the fact that the veterans we have at Uponor learned many of those same qualities during their service.”

In honor of Veterans Day, here are just a few of the strengths employers can look forward to when hiring a veteran or active service member, according to the National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI).

1. Ability to work as a team

Working as a team is essential to the military experience. Those who have served are often comfortable giving orders, taking orders, supporting one another — and maybe more importantly — understanding the value in each of those. Acting as a both a leader and supporter is part of the job title.

2. Emphasis on safety

Military safety training is among the best in the world, says NVTI. Current and former service members understand the considerable cost when safety is ignored. This attitude is extraordinarily beneficial to a manufacturer like Uponor where employee safety is a number-one initiative.

3. Service-oriented

Many military jobs require individuals to facilitate, communicate, understand, problem solve and serve those around them. These are great skills to have when managing employees or customer accounts.  

4. Ability to work under pressure

Do we even need to explain this one? 

Veterans, thank you for your service. We appreciate your courage, dedication and bravery. At Uponor, we have taken time in 2016 to ensure we do our part in recognizing veterans and active service members. “While our initiative to recognize our veterans is relatively new, we have already seen the benefits. Veterans who work in different areas and may not have had a previous reason to get to know one another are starting to build connections with one another. We are finding that the recognition internally creates opportunities to attract other veterans to work at Uponor. Overall, it has been a win-win,” explains Erica Amevo, Human Resources manager at Uponor.

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