This Valentine’s Day, let’s show some love to the Uponor ProPEX® water service offering.   

This is why you’ll love it.
Sure, water meter fittings and valves aren’t chocolate or diamonds, but they have some great features that would make any plumbing professional feel special. I mean, is it a coincidence there are four valves in your heart, four valves in this new offering and four great features?

1. The offering allows designers and installers to directly connect Uponor PEX to water service meters.
2. It features Uponor’s durable, reliable ProPEX connection fitting system.
3. It includes NPSM swivel connections found on all water meters sized 5/8" to 1".
4. It’s available in engineered polymer (EP) or lead-free (LF) brass for ¾" and 1" Uponor PEX pipe sizes.

The ProPEX water service offering is ideal for commercial multifamily submetering as well as residential whole-house metering. From residential PEX plumbing to commercial PEX plumbing jobs, you’ll surely be saying, “Won’t you be mine?”

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of ProPEX valves and fittings for a direct Uponor PEX connection to water meters.

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