While the plumbing and HVAC/R industries are generally dominated by men, Uponor is proud to have three senior leaders who are women. Jennifer Hauschildt is the VP of Information Technology, Kara Hayft is the VP of Human Resources and Dena Mayne is the VP of Marketing/Offerings overseeing everything from the customer experience to the way our PEX plumbing, radiant heating/cooling, fire sprinkler and hydronic piping systems go to market.

To learn more about their roles at Uponor, read The Wholesaler article titled, “One Company, Three Women in VP Roles”.    

Here are three reasons why gender diversity is important at all levels in the plumbing and HVAC/R industries, from contractors to manufacturers. 

1.    Gender diversity extends the talent pool.

The first one is an easy one. Women make up half the population. If the industry isn’t recruiting, interviewing and hiring these applicants, we’re missing out on half of the talent pool — from entry-level to C-suite positions.

2.    Diverse people bring diverse thought.

People with different backgrounds bring new information to the table based on how they view, experience and learn about the world. Just by working with people who are different than ourselves pushes us to anticipate alternative viewpoints, consider innovative solutions and open our eyes to new ways of doing business. If our leadership and workforce is homogeneous, our industry will remain stagnant.

3.    It’s 2017.

Enough said! Diversifying leadership within our industry gives customers a better experience and representation. This particular conversation starts with gender, but it shouldn’t end here. 

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