As many of us in the trades know too well, there is a skilled-labor shortage in the United States. When the recession hit almost a decade ago, skilled workers were forced to leave the industry because of layoffs or personal financial circumstances. So even though the economy has bounced back with great momentum, those workers have never returned.

The key to combating the labor shortage may be to give our recruiting methods a makeover to attract intelligent, innovative and hardworking people of all ages and backgrounds. We know the trades — from manufacturing to construction — is a great choice for career growth and success, but how do we communicate that to job seekers?

Here are three ways Uponor is changing the narrative of manufacturing careers.

1.    Start early

Uponor partners with local high schools, community colleges and universities to expose students to the manufacturing field while they’re still exploring their career options. We offer internships, seasonal work for students in the summertime, scholarships and tours of our facility. This allows students to see that manufacturing is skilled work and people here take pride in what they do every day.

2.    Let people see for themselves

Recently, we’ve been organizing job fairs (specifically geared toward manufacturing openings) twice a year at Uponor. We’ve experimented advertising the job fair through Facebook events, a local newspaper and billboards off major highways. These job fairs give career seekers the opportunity to talk with real Uponor employees, learn about our benefits and ways to get engaged at work and in the community. 

3.    Speak their language

We recently launched our new career site: The site targets manufacturing positions with the goal of helping Uponor stand out in a competitive job market. gives seven Uponor employees the platform to tell their story and share their first-hand insights with job seekers. By giving real people a stage to speak candidly, it offers a connection to those hunting for a better place to start or continue their career. People can also easily access Uponor’s benefits and job openings from the site.

See for yourself what Uponor is all about by watching the video below.

Uponor’s core purpose is to partner closely with professionals to create better human environments. That means for more than 40 years, we have been seeking out innovative ways to ensure our PEX plumbing, radiant heating/cooling, hydronic piping, pre-insulated pipe and fire sprinkler systems offer the most consistent, reliable and high-performing solutions available to residential and commercial structures around the globe. We work so water can work.