“We can work quickly, we can work safely and we can work affordably using the Uponor PEX,” explained Scott McGillivray, licensed contractor, HGTV host and real estate investor.

McGillivray is the ultimate triple threat. He’s a professional contractor, experienced real estate investor and an accomplished entrepreneur. He’s loved by homeowners, industry professionals and — perhaps most importantly — me. An expert in everything residential, McGillivray is well-respected by plumbing and HVAC contractors. In his YouTube series called #askSCOTT, contractors are given the opportunity to have their industry questions answered.

In the video below, McGillivray answers the question: “What’s the difference between copper and plastic pipe in my plumbing system? Is this plastic safe/reliable?” Watch the video below to find out why he plumbs with Uponor PEX piping and ProPEX® fittings for residential applications.