Hey plumbers, if I said you could be making more money on each job, would you be interested? Believe it or not, many residential plumbers are leaving money on the table by not adding multipurpose fire sprinklers to their business.

Multipurpose Uponor AquaSAFE™ fire sprinkler systems combine with a home’s cold-water plumbing. This means a licensed, trained plumber can install the fire sprinkler system at the same time the plumbing system is going into a home. (Can you say double your dollars?)

The AquaSAFE fire sprinkler system uses the same proven, reliable Uponor AquaPEX® pipe and ProPEX® fittings that plumbers have trusted for more than two decades in plumbing installations around the globe, so it’s a system you know you can trust.

And with more than 17 billion feet of Uponor PEX in service worldwide, you’re in good company with the leader in PEX.

Why install Uponor PEX fire sprinkler systems over other materials?

1. A multipurpose Uponor AquaSAFE fire sprinkler system uses PEX pipe which is more flexible and durable (and freeze resistant!) than CPVC or copper, reducing the number of required fittings and your liability. 

2. ProPEX fittings are the only PEX connection that gets stronger over time, so you have a fitting system that is fast, safe, reliable and proven with decades of use.

3. Uponor offers technical and design services and professional training to help your business grow and get your projects moving.


Watch the video below to see how an AquaSAFE system works.

To learn more, read the Fire Protection Contractor magazine article titled, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Rigid Pipe Systems with Flexible PEX.”