Uponor is growing rapidly — and although we’re a global company — Uponor North America is proud to call the U.S. home. We manufacture PEX piping at our North American Headquarters in Apple Valley, Minn. for use in plumbing, radiant heating/cooling, hydronic piping, pre-insulated piping and fire sprinkler systems for residential and commercial applications.

Uponor PEX piping is available in sizes up to 4" in diameter, is approved for direct burial in the soil or slab, is plenum rated for commercial applications and is the most third-party tested, listed and code-approved PEX in the industry. 

Just this May we announced plans to expand our manufacturing facility for the tenth time since we began operating in Apple Valley, Minn. in 1990. The $17.4-million expansion project, which will be completed in January 2018, will add 58,000 square feet to the company’s existing manufacturing to increase capacity and meet customer demand. This comes on the heels of a 90,000-square-foot expansion just one year ago.

Why is it so important to be made in the USA?

  1. It can be a more environmentally sustainable option.
  2. It creates more American jobs.
  3. It increases U.S. competitiveness.
  4. It ensures the U.S. continues to be one of the most productive economies in the world in terms of dollar output per worker.

Whether it’s behind the walls or beneath the floors, we understand the responsibility we have in helping our customers’ businesses thrive while creating better human environments in structures across the U.S. We are genuinely proud to say we’re made (and growing) in the USA.