Uponor PEX has been a favorite plumbing solution for residential contractors for decades, but ever since we expanded our offering to include PEX pipe and ProPEX® fittings in 2½" and 3" sizes, the commercial plumbing industry is beginning to make the switch from copper and CPVC to PEX.

How does Uponor PEX make contractors’ lives easier?

1. The system is backed by a 25-year transferable warranty on PEX pipe and ProPEX fittings, so your customers can have peace of mind the system you’re installing is designed to last.


2. Uponor Technical and Design Services is ready to assist you on your project from start to finish.


3. Because of the flexible nature of PEX, the piping can bend to accommodate changes in direction. This means fewer connections are required, which, in turn, means faster installations and fewer potential leak points.


4. This flexibility also enables PEX to expand up to three times the pipe’s diameter, which means it is more resistant to damage from frozen water in the system.

Watch the video below to see Uponor commercial plumbing and hydronic piping solutions in action and hear from professionals like you.

And to learn how to install PEX piping in commercial structures, read the Plumber Magazine article titled, “Installing PEX in the Commercial Market”.