While this week’s PEXtalk blog could begin and end with the title, for the sake of dialogue, let’s dig a little deeper. While the plumbing industry has been dominated by men since its inception, more and more women are entering the industry every day — from plumbers to industry executives to every job in between.

Uponor is proud to have leaders who just so happen to be women overseeing everything from the customer experience to the way our PEX plumbing, radiant heating, radiant cooling, fire sprinkler and hydronic piping systems go to market. You can read about three Uponorians in the Plumbing & Mechanical (P&M) article titled, “Women find their niche in plumbing.”

It’s important to recognize that every woman’s experience and perspective in the trades is different. Some women feel like an anomaly, some feel like everyone else in the building or on the jobsite. So let’s give more women a platform to speak, not on behalf of their gender, but on behalf of themselves. 

Here are my favorite moments from the perspectives of the women interviewed in the P&M article.

  • “When customers answer the door and see me, they often say, ‘You’re the only girl plumber I have ever seen!’ And I tell them, ‘Me, too!’” – Terri Ferguson, plumbing technician


  •  “My goals are to eventually, when my kids are older, become a professional engineer and innovate in the plumbing design software arena to make designing more efficient and effective.” – Stephanie Radel, design services supervisor at Uponor


  • “When you recognize the innate differences in the genders and you’re respectful of them going in, then you’re typically welcomed with open arms.” – Amber Gaige, vice president of marketing, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Diversifying all aspects within our industry gives our customers a better experience and representation. And can’t we all get on board with that? This particular conversation is about gender diversity, but it shouldn’t end here.