The Uponor Climate Control Zoning System II is the next generation in wireless controls for single-family radiant floor heating systems with PEX piping. After years of research from customer surveys, voice-of-customer interviews, test installations and third-party verifications, Uponor was able to engineer a solution that directly benefits radiant heating contractors and, yes, also the homeowner. It’s a win-win.

Here are 4 hot tips to know about the award-winning Climate Control Zoning System II.

1.    It features an innovative technology called autobalancing.

This feature boasts 25% faster reaction times and up to 20% greater energy savings for radiant floor heating systems. It also saves time (and money) because installers don’t have to manually balance manifolds to get the right amount of heating into the room or space. The control does this automatically, and most impressively, continually self-adjusts. Score!

2.    It has wireless thermostat connections.

Because of the wireless capability, you can add this system without having to put a hole in the wall and sheetrock it back up. Why does this rule? It significantly reduces the installation time and possibility of an install error. And also, remember, no big hole in the wall.

3.    It offers greater flexibility.

When a contractor installs a Climate Control Zoning System II in an existing radiant heating system that was not zoned correctly because a homeowner decided to DIY the job, the wireless system can still operate efficiently. The word contractor will practically be synonymous with homeowner hero…and you can’t convince me otherwise!

4.    It allows thermostat placement anywhere in a home.

Because HVAC contractors don’t have to work around bulky wires, people can actually choose to place the thermostat in a discrete and convenient location. Meaning, no one has to disrupt the design aesthetic of the home — whether it’s contemporary, mid-century modern, or farmhouse chic. (I watch a lot of HGTV.)

Watch the video below to learn about the next generation of wireless controls for residential hydronic radiant floor heating systems.

Plus, contractors think it’s award-worthy. That’s because the Climate Control Zoning System II was recently honored with an ACHR News Dealer Design Award for giving industry professionals the ability to speed up and simplify installation. We we’re honored to be selected because it’s the only HVAC competition that is judged by real HVAC contractors.

To learn more about Uponor’s single-family radiant floor heating solutions, read our FAQs and our different radiant floor heating installation applications.