You can now connect Uponor PEX piping to water service meters directly.

We heard from PEX plumbing installers that adding an additional adapter fitting in between a water meter connection and an Uponor ProPEX® fitting was an extra step they could live without. In response to that pain point, Uponor engineered a water meter offering that solves the problem. Now, plumbers can directly connect from the meter to the PEX pipe with one part. (Insert hallelujah hands emoji here.)

The offering gives PEX plumbing installers greater flexibility.

Ideal for single-family homes and multifamily submetering applications, the offering includes fittings and valves for ¾" and 1" PEX pipe as well as a mounting bracket to support the water meter system. The mounting bracket holds the meter and piping in place while securing the system around the fittings or valves. The bracket can be secured to the floor, wall or ceiling.To give plumbers the flexibility they need, the water meter offering is available in engineered polymer (EP) or lead-free (LF) brass for ¾" and 1" Uponor PEX piping sizes, and it includes NPSM swivel connections found on all water meters sized ⅝" to 1".


Watch the video below to see the Uponor ProPEX water service meter offering in action. 

Three-step water meter connection installation guide.

Yes, you read that right — connecting from a water meter to Uponor PEX is just three steps. To view the step-by-step installation guide, read the Reeves Journal article titled, “Installing PEX water service connections in three easy steps.”'