If you want to pique the next generation’s interest in manufacturing…today is the day. Manufacturing Day has been celebrated since 2012 throughout North America, but President Obama formally declared the first Friday in October Manufacturing Day in the United States with a proclamation in 2014. So, yeah, it’s pretty official.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for manufacturing

In the last few years, manufactures have been encouraged to celebrate the day by inviting their communities — including students, educators, businesspeople, media, and politicians — to their facilities in a collective effort to educate visitors about manufacturing career opportunities and improve public perceptions of manufacturing. As we’ve said before, manufacturing is no longer the dirty job it once was just decades ago.

Does opening up our doors actually change public perception of manufacturing?

Yes, it certainly looks like it! Students across the country who attended Manufacturing Day were asked to participate in a survey administered by Deloitte. Eighty-four percent of students said that they are more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are both interesting and rewarding.

At Uponor, we give tours of our manufacturing facility to customers, industry colleagues, students, political leaders, and community members, and people always leave extremely impressed. When people think of manufacturing, they often have a dirty, damp and dark image in their head, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Manufacturing encompasses IT, engineering, 3D printers, maintenance, technicians and robots. Did you hear that?! Robots!

I’d like to challenge all manufactures to give some thought on what they can do to help propel this industry forward. We’re all united — from plastics manufacturers to food manufacturers — in changing the way the world perceives us every day of the year.

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