Let’s start by saying that professional plumbers know what they’re doing on the jobsite. This post is simply definitive proof that DIY isn’t always the way to go when trying to solve plumbing issues

Warning: The images below may make you laugh (or weep). Our advice: Contact your local professional plumber today before attempting your next DIY fix.

1. I’m not stressed out, you’re stressed out.

2. Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by this restroom.

3. Plumbing definitely isn’t this guy’s forte. Better luck next time, Alexi Gardner’s brother.

4. No. Noooope. Not happening.

5. Just in case you wanted an audience.

6. You know the old saying, “a little brown sludge never hurt anyone”.

7. This is really just a lesson in fostering good communication and teamwork. 

8. So close, yet so, so very far.

9. An electrical box on the shower wall? After all, life is all about taking risks.

10. The jury is still out on whether this is truly a fail or a huge win.