Pre-insulated PEX piping systems are custom-designed pipes installed in either potable-water or heating and cooling applications for commercial or residential structures. With that being said, we primarily see pre-insulated PEX pipes used most often in multifamily housing and other commercial settings.

Pre-insulated PEX piping systems typically consist of one or two PEX service pipes surrounded by a PEX-foam insulation and then covered in a watertight, HDPE jacket. It’s as if the PEX pipe was wrapped in both a hug and a blanket.

Benefits of installing Ecoflex® pre-insulated PEX piping systems.

      1. Snakes around barriers for an efficient installation.

Generally speaking, one of the industry’s favorite characteristics of Uponor PEX pipe is its flexibility, so it was important to Uponor that the insulating foam and jacket be flexible, too. The pre-insulated PEX piping system seamlessly snakes around barriers, obstacles and corners, which makes for a more efficient installation, and also eliminates many, if not all, underground joints.

2. Contractors are faster on their feet because of the lightweight materials.

Although an Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe system is tough and robust, it’s much lighter than a rigid system. The lighter system makes contractors a little swifter on their feet. Bonus benefit: the lighter-weight material takes less of a toll on the body.

3. Custom-made for every job.

Uponor custom-manufactures coil lengths, piping configurations and alternative applications-based products to ensure there is no unnecessary cost to the environment or the wallet because of product waste.


An environmental learning center upgrades its heating and cooling systems with a pre-insulated piping solution.

Because of the efficiencies the PEX piping system offers, a northern Minnesota environmental learning center chose to install the Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated PEX piping system nearly two decades after the first installation.

To learn more about the benefits of using Ecoflex and its different applications, read the Plumber magazine article titled, “Pre-Insulated PEX Pipe Benefits Underground Hot-Water Applications”.