Whether you’re installing PEX plumbing, radiant heating and cooling, or hydronic piping for commercial or residential applications, one of our favorite benefits of PEX-a pipe is its thermal memory. Because of the power of science, PEX piping always wants to return to its original shape. That’s why Uponor AquaPEX® and Wirsbo hePEX™ pipe is so darn freeze resistant.

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How to repair kinked PEX-a pipe in 4 easy steps

If the PEX piping is kinked and obstructs the flow of water, follow these four steps below to repair the pipe in no time.

1. Make sure the system is not pressurized.

2. Straighten the kinked portion of the PEX piping.

3. Heat the kinked area to approximately 265ºF (129.4ºC) with an electric heat gun (approximately 450 watts of power). Apply the heat evenly until the piping returns to its original size and shape. Do not use an open flame. (Pro tip: If you don’t have a fancy heat gun, a hair dryer will work in a pinch.)

4. Allow the repaired piping to cool undisturbed to room temperature. When the piping returns to its opaque appearance, the repair is complete.

That’s. It. The pipe is good as new.

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