Uponor Solutions:
Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

Uponor Ecoflex® Pre-insulated Pipe System

With more than 70 million feet of pipe installed worldwide, the Uponor Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe system provides proven, reliable performance for underground distribution of hydronic heating, cooling and potable-water systems.

Virtually maintenance-free, Uponor Ecoflex features flexible, durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) carrier pipe at the core of the system. The pipe is surrounded by multiple layers of PEX-foam insulation and is then covered by a corrugated, watertight, HDPE jacket.

This innovative design provides for a highly durable, highly sustainable piping system that retains more heat in hot-water lines and resists corrosion in even the harshest water and soil conditions.

Residential Applications

  • Connection to remote heat source
  • Geothermal
  • Boiler (gas, oil, wood)
  • Solar
  • Heat/cool additional buildings
  • Garages, sheds, workshops
  • Guest houses and studios
  • Pool/spa heating
  • Snow and ice melting for driveways and sidewalks
  • Supply and return for slab-on-grade radiant floor heating

Ecoflex Basics - Animation

Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe system is designed for energy-efficient underground fluid transport for hydronic radiant heating, radiant cooling or potable water distribution systems.