Uponor Solutions:
Residential Fire Safety

Why Uponor AquaSAFE?

In 2000, Uponor began installing AquaSAFE™— the industry’s first non-stagnant, multipurpose plumbing and fire sprinkler system, forever revolutionizing the way residential sprinkler systems were installed and utilized.

The Uponor AquaSAFE system features flexible, durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing to supply water to the sprinklers as well as the cold-water plumbing fixtures in a home. This type of system provides additional peace of mind because each time you use a cold-water plumbing fixture, you know water is also available to the sprinklers if it is ever needed in the event of a fire.

AquaSAFE Residential Sprinkler System Video

Watch how an Uponor AquaSAFE residential sprinkler system works and see the key benefits of PEX plumbing and fire safety.