Saving resources

Progress means implementing smarter solutions so our customers can do more with less.

Products and services

We continually innovate to ensure our solutions are safe, healthy and durable, bringing our customers peace of mind. We mirror cleanliness with comfort, efficiency with practicality, in products that work with any kind of installation method and budget.

Our expert service delivery, from job-site training to 2D System Design and 3D BIM to hands-on field support, is designed to make installation smarter and systems more sustainable. As a pioneer and leader in the development of responsible industry codes and standards, we’ve opened new markets to our resource-saving solutions.

Value throughout supply chain

We are proud to partner with innovative, industry-leading suppliers committed to sustainable business practices. We hold regular supplier meetings to further deepen strong partnerships and sustainability leadership.

Internal operations

Commitment to using less resources is evident within our own operations. We know internal savings contributes to the well-being of our customers, communities and environment. We are proud to utilize renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to help power our manufacturing processes and to pursue LEED® certification for more than half of our total square footage.