Tap water system

Helping to safeguard your health

Being healthy is all about mind, body and soul. It starts with filling the basic needs of nutrition, hydration and protection, but then it extends to so much more.

Because Uponor products and systems are so integrated with where people live and work, we contribute in many ways to safeguarding people’s health. Take drinking water, for example. An Uponor PEX plumbing system meets the high requirements of national, state and local standards and regulations for purity in potable-water systems, providing homes and businesses with safe, healthy water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning.

Our residential fire sprinkler systems protect lives and property by providing a solution that can potentially extinguish a beginning fire in just seconds. And our radiant heating and cooling systems can help create a healthier indoor climate, protecting people from the allergens and molds that circulate in traditional forced-air systems.