Supporting skilled labor

Uponor champions education and innovation to address the skilled-labor shortage in our industry.


World-class jobsite and classroom training helps customers offer smarter solutions and build businesses on our brand

Tech school partnerships

We partner with technical schools and community partners to provide work-based learning around the skills needed for 21st-century manufacturing.

Apprenticeship program

In partnership with the Department of Labor and Industry, we’ve designed a three-year maintenance technician apprenticeship program that allows participants to achieve a Journeyman or Maintenance Electrical license.

Scholarships and internships

We support scholarships and internships to students in areas including maintenance, design services and engineering. We also mentor and support FIRST Robotics teams. Our goal is to help young people and their strongest influencers, guardians and teachers, to better understand our noble profession.

Attracting women into the industry

We work to recruit women to our industry, starting within our own operations. We have raised our ratio of women working in manufacturing by reducing the physical demands of entry-level positions and implementing new leadership models, including our women’s network founded in 2017.